iGlobe CRM for Office 365

Why not show the mobile number?

If you go to Company and click on one contact the screen you get only shows the direct telephone no?

It should first show the mobile no which is the one the most of the contacts use today. If this is not filled out it can show the direct no. If it does not take performance and there is place in the screen it can also show both of the numbers.


What do you other guys think about this?

iGlobe CRM for Office 365

Extra columns in pipeline dashboard

If you have the possibility to control which columns to show in your pipeline dashboard your iGlobe will be more flexible. Today you have shown: Follow-up, Company, Contact, Product, Phase, Potential, Probability, Closer, Days. I miss partner and competitor as it is now. And if I can use my own created ones as well and be able to mingle around with all of them it would be perfect. Let me hear your comments guys out there... more »